Cedar Crest Condo

Property Address:

Acacia ave, Acacia Estate Taguig City, Metro Manila



Property Description

Cedar Crest Condo blends modern Asian-inspired aesthetics and minimalist design
philosophy, a residential haven that connotes simplicity, inner calm, and harmony.

Cedar Crest Condo adopts a design approach that meets the ideals of serene and private condo living with interiors that are soothing and easy on the eyes, unit
layouts that are compact yet liveable and practical and surroundings filled with landscapes that truly refreshes, and calms the spirit.

Cedar Crest Condo features a verdant central amenity area with clubhouse that open up to surrounding views and multi-activity amenities, open spaces, and worryfree
services and facilities.

Cedar Crest Condo is the newest project of DMCI Homes which is few minutes away to Makati and Fort Bonifacio.

Cedar Crest Condo Map



Cedar Crest Condo Reviewed by: Marketing

PH Office: (+632) 403-5519


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