Levi Mariano St. Residential House

Property Address:

Levi Mariano St. ,Taguig



Property Description

Lot Area: 3,314 sq.ft.
Address: Levi Mariano St., Taguig City
Type: Residential

Features and Specifics

  • Elevation: Two(2) Stories
  • Elegant House design and superior master bedrooms
  • Spacious Living Room and Dinning Area
  • Stylish Terrace and Service Area
  • Clean and green themed back lot
  • Well ventilated Garage
  • Separated Maid's Room Bathrooms
  • Maid's Area has own
  • Date Completed: October 2009


Uniquely designed with a profound touch of style and art that houses an exlusive landscape within its area. This place offers a western country club themed design and amenities which are only matched by top notch hotels and urban residentials. A house that does not only know western style but also inspires eastern culture amongst its interiors. This home can only be found within Taguig and made only by the finest of our country's developers


Levi Mariano St. Residential House Map


Levi Mariano St. Residential House Reviewed by: Niñowell Tiglao

PH Office: (+632) 403-5519


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