8 Park Avenue - McKinley Hill

Property Address:

8 Park Avenue - McKinley Hill Cyberpark, Fort Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City

Class: A


Property Description

8 Park Avenue -- A project of Megaworld Corporation in McKinley Hill, Fort Bonifacio which has solar panels at the rooftop to utilize the power of the sun to electrify a BPO building - solar power.

It also is designed to conserve electricity. 8 Park Avenue's zoning system for air conditioning gives tenants the flexibility to cool only specific areas at specified times. This is expected to bring down demand for electricity, the need for fossil fuels, and carbon emissions.

It designed to conserve water. The male washroom's urinals are fitted with self-enclosing automatic top closets. Half a million gallons of water are expected to be saved annually. Meanwhile, the building also has an underground cistern that will collect and filter rainwater for watering plants.


8 Park Avenue - McKinley Hill Map



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PH Office: (+632) 403-5519


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