Gregory Kittelson

Chairman of the Board

Gregory KittelsonMr. Gregory Kittelson is an American national and has been working in the Philippines for almost 14 years. Gregory has worked with and helped build two start-ups IT outsourcing companies in Manila, FBM Software , and FBM e-Services . Gregory also co-founded two Internet companies in the Philippines, Digital Media Exchange (Mobius ) and GrooveNet .  In addition to KMC Realty, Mr. Kittelson currently is the Managing Director of Kittelson & Carpo Consulting , assisting foreign companies setting up businesses in the Philippines.

Between all 5 companies Gregory has had a very dynamic career in the Philippines. He has incorporated and built companies from scratch and built our office space while navigating through the Philippines' bureaucratic government agencies and unique business culture.

Gregory Kittelson is a member of the American Chamber of Commerce in Manila, Philippines.

PH Office: (+632) 403-5519

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